• Rajendra Patil

    Not sure why it’s not working for me. Corp email forces only PIN or PASSWORD and I have PIN set. With these profiles phone still keeps asking PIN all the time (even when it was cleared via secure settings when I am on trusted WIFI). I am on ICS 4.0.4, rooted.

    • Erik Gaudin

      Same for me. Corp forces me also to enter PIN.
      I try to find a way to “enter” the pin with NFC tag, or something else…

      Something that enter the password for me. Can’t find any solution yet.

      • http://bliynd.com/ Mike

        Sorry but you can’t get around the Corporate required PIN…

  • Keenan Woods

    Thank you! I knew Tasker could do this, but I didn’t realize I needed a plugin to get it to work. Your guide was very helpful.

  • Govert Flink

    Hi, I’ve used your workaround but at the first time I enter the wifi area I have to enter a pincode, after this first time it works fine. If I leave home indeed it functions well but always I enter my home or connect/disconnect the wifi I have to use a pin code.
    Is there a work around to by pass the pin code.
    Sumsung I9100 Jelly Beans 4.1.2

    • http://bliynd.com/ Mike

      When setting it up, uncheck “enter password once before unlocking” and it will disable it without asking for a pin.

      • Govert Flink

        Hi Mike, I’ve just made this change and it works fine now. Thank you for your swift reply. Govert.

        • http://bliynd.com/ Mike

          No problem

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  • Sweet Nutz

    Need some help- pin is still required to access device after initial confirmation pin is requested on home network, In other words Tasker recognizes that I am on my home network, but continually ask for my pin to unlock device. I am using the updated version of Tasker. Thanks in advance

    • http://bliynd.com/ Mike

      I haven’t used this in a while, but try disabling the initial confirmation pin. Also make sure your wifi isn’t disconnecting when your phone sleeps.

  • Vanessa Medina

    thank you so much for this! Even though this is not the same version as the one I have, I was able to finally understand how to work TASKER. This was the reason I BOUGHT it, and none of the tutorials I could find would help me learn how to unlock my pin! Thank you!

    • bliynd

      Your welcome

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